Filter performance depends on appropriate selection, installation, operation, testing, and also maintenance. Maintenance and filter change-out should be performed only when a system is shut down to avoid re-entrainment and system exposure.

The DO NOT’s of an air filter.
• DO NOT remove an air filter, trap or blow it out to remove the dust out. These will damage the media of filter.
• DO NOT allow water either to pass through or get onto the media. The water will be absorbed into the media resulting in deconstruction of it.
• DO NOT clean the filter with any solvent, oil, or any other cleaners. These will cause damage the media of filter.

The DO’s of an air filter.
• Determine the change-out schedules by using manometer or other pressure-sensing devices which installed to the system so as to determine the need of filter replacement.
• Check all filters before installation involving voids, tears, or gaps in the filter media and frames as well as visually inspect the seams for total integrity.
• Check the air filter for any damage at least once a week.
• Check the filter housing and also intake manifold for any damage at least once a week in order to observe the clogging of dirt into engine.

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