SIM (Single Ingredient Metering System)




SIM (Single Ingredient Metering System). Manual weighing of raw material can be troublesome, time-consuming and prone to error. Aware of the problem face by our clients, Con-Mix engineers have developed Automatic Ingredient Metering System (AIM) to perform the task automatically, efficiently and reliably, eliminating any human error.


  • Supports continuous weighing operation.
  • With our smart system, every batch will be controlled and recorded exactly as its setting.
  • Friendly Human Machine Interface (HMI) via multi- touch screen control panel.
  • Increase efficiency with our automatic cleaning system using JET FILTER.
  • Equipped with Lump Breaker Device to break up lumps of raw material (Option).
    Inventory record.

System Specification

Dimensions 1500 (W) x 3000 (L) x 3800 -7000 (H) mm.
Product Material in powder form (Granulated sugar, wheat flour or other)
Practical size 425 – 1500 µm (or adaptable as required)
Sieve size 425 – 1500 µm (or adaptable as required)
Capacity > 60 bags / hour (or adaptable as required)
Accuracy 0.5% standard (or specified by client)
Power supply 380 Volt/50-60 Hz
Compressed air 5-7 bar
Material structure Stainless steel/ SUS304 Grade
Control panel Siemens PLC with touch screen comfort panel


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