MIM (Multi-Ingredient Metering System) 




MIM (Multi-Ingredient Metering System) is design for material storage and retention of recipes for weighing dry materials, or a secondary ingredient, in the production process.

Surface in contact with the product are designed to fit the standards of food production to ensure the quality and efficiency of the manufacturing process.


  • The system is designed to record and store a large number
    of production recipes as may be required by client.
  • Convenient and easy to operate.
  • Metering in a closed system, diffusion of dust is prevented.
  • The storage environment is controlled.
  • Automatic raw material inventory control.
  • High accuracy and precision.

System Specification

Dimensions 1500 (W) x 3000 (L) x 3800 -7000 (H) mm.
10 ingredient hoppers (standard), extendable as required by the client
Machine parts in contact with product: stainless steel 304
500 L ingredient hopper capacity; larger sizes can be specified by the client
Central scale weighing system
25 Kg Maximum weighing capacity; can be increased as required
Weighing precision is 0.5% (or specified by the client)
Capacity > 60 bags / hour (or adaptable as required)
Accuracy 0.5% standard (or specified by client)
Power supply 380 Volt/50-60 Hz
Compressed air 5-7 bar
Material structure Stainless steel/ SUS304 Grade
Control panel Siemens PLC with touch screen comfort panel


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