Screw feeder



The device can be applied universally and used as a single station or in combination with several devices. The feeder needs no maintenance and is lubricated for its lifetime. The feeder is designed in such a way that several options such as gas-filled seals, dust proofing, and extension of spiral and outlet tubes, seals of various materials may be adopted without problems.

In designing our device, we paid particular attention to its FDA suitability. We only use seals with an FDA certificate. Steel parts in contact with the product are made of stainless steel 1.4404 (1.4435).

A Gain-in-Weight (GIW) batching station

Includes volumetric metering devices, such as screw feeders or valves that deliver the product to a hopper on load cells.

The Loss-in-Weight (LIW) batching system

Employs gravimetric feeding devices, such as
loss-in-weight screw or vibratory feeders, which are
mounted on individual load cells or scales. In cases
where small amounts of micro ingredients are required,
both methods may be employed: LIW feeders for
the micros and minors, and GIW batch for the major

Selection of applications

Food industry

  • Dairy powders
  • Flour/bakery
  • Ingredient/noodles
  • Instant drinks
  • Seasoning

Feed industry

  • Animal feed
  • Pet food

Chemical industry

  • Resin
  • Color pigments

System Specification

Description Model Features Feed Rate (L/hr) Hopper Volume (Liter) Feed Accuracy
CMF-T18 GIW,LIW 12-120 20 0.1%,0.2%
CMF-T28 GIW,LIW 50-500 80 0.1%,0.2%
CMF-ZD 32 B GIW,LIW 50-200 200 0.1%,0.2%
Screw Feeder CMF-T38 GIW,LIW 80-800 200 0.1%,0.2%
CMF-ED 55 B GIW,LIW 150-2500 200 0.1%,0.2%
CMF-ED 55 FB GIW,LIW 150-2700 200 up 0.1%,0.2%
CMF-T78 GIW,LIW 400-4000 200 up 0.1%,0.2%


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