Conveying : Pressure / Vacuum



provides conveying systems that can be tailored to meet the client’s specific requirement – ranging from slow-speed system for gentle product handling to conventional dilute phase (vacuum and pressure system) conveying system.

Vacuum System

The vacuum system will require negative pressure in order to pull the material through the conveying line. Then, the material will be dropped by the gravity to the receiving hopper, and the air without dust will be remove through the dust collector to protect the vacuum generator.

The vacuum system is usually preferred for transporting free-flowing, nonabrasive materials. However, this type of system is not suitable for materials that must be transported over a long distance.

Pressure System

The pressure system will require positive pressure and it can be adjusted to be the dense phase with low pressure or dilute phase. In this system, the feeding equipment will convey the materials into the pressure vessel. After the vessel is full, the high-pressure air discharges the material into the conveying line and conveys it to the receiver where the dust collector will separate the material from the air.

This type of conveying system is generally preferred for transporting a heavier material over a longer distance.


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